youngWelcome to Pure Landscape! My first ever blog and I’m VERY excited. This blog is a personal project…an indulgence in my passion for all things gardens, plants and landscape.

Is there any greater pleasure than breathing in the heady scent of a freshly picked bunch of sweet peas that you’ve grown from seed? Or harvesting your first home-grown carrot, pulling at its feathery green leaves, and seeing that flicker of orange underneath its muddy outer-garments.

I’ve always been surrounded by gardens and the great outdoors. My earliest memories are running through our long back garden playing with my brother. We lived on the edge of industrial south-east London, and Kent, with the brown river Thames snaking its way through the local marshes, a mere stones throw from our home. A little further out was Kent, the ‘garden of England’. I adore this county with its lush green fields, angled oast houses and an array of walking opportunities. We spent many a weekend as children on long walks through the scattering of little villages and fields that patchwork together to form this county.

I think these various experiences instilled in me a love for being outdoors, and later after taking over our back garden, a love for plants, gardening and nature. This would be reinforced with hours watching ‘Ground Force’ ‘How to be a gardener’ and ‘Gardeners World’. I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for the towering horticultural heroes of Alan Titchmarsh and Monty Don.

It was visiting the Chelsea Flower Show that I discovered this profession called Landscape Architecture, a discovery that started me on a journey that would later take me to study at the University of Gloucestershire, graduating with a Masters in May 2015. Now every day I get to be involved in the planning and design of the landscapes of tomorrow.

The landscapes we engage in daily – our streetscapes, towns and cities, gardens, and plants we grow, can enrich our lives in so many ways. Crucially, I believe, re-connecting us to the natural world. That’s why I’ve created this blog… to celebrate, discuss and enjoy all things landscape. I really hope you enjoy reading, and do follow Pure Landscape on Instagram for lots of photo inspiration!

Thanks for reading!



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