Reaching for the skies

urban-greeningCheck out these exciting new ‘forest towers’ designed by renowned Architect Stefano Boeri. They will be the first of their kind in Asia, featuring an impressive 1,100 trees, consisting of local species, rising 200 feet into the China sky.

Other cities are also embracing the opportunities afforded from vertical growing. Last October, Parisian Mayor Anne Hidalgo introduced a new law allowing anyone to plant an urban garden within the city. Gardeners can grow plants on walls, in boxes, on rooftops, under trees, or on fences with the aim to create 100 hectares of living walls and green roofs by 2020.

The program also involves the creation of 30 hectares (74 acres) of public gardens, the planting of 20,000 new trees, and the development of educational farms, orchards and vegetable gardens in schools.

A fantastic example of  forward-thinking urban greening. Bonne idée!

all images © stefano boeri architects



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