Rising Stars No 1: Philip Scott


This is a new series, dedicated to showcasing the up and coming talent within the Landscape, and Horticultural world.

Our first spotlight is on Phil, a full time Landscape Architecture Student at the University of Sheffield. I asked Phil a few questions to understand how and why he went for  Landscape Architecture as his chosen profession…

Phil thanks so much for chatting to Pure Landscape, what would be your earliest gardening/landscape memory?

When I was about 8 I was given a couple of meters stretch of a flowerbed at the end of the garden to be my very own patch, tending to it daily. I filled it to the brim with mismatching plants and it even had its own little path running through it.

How did you first hear about landscape architecture?

A couple of years before university I was doing work experience with family friends who run the garden design firm, Kingdom Gardens. They persuaded me to switch from studying merely garden design to Landscape Architecture as it is far broader and would widen my scope.

What is Landscape Architecture to you?

Landscape Architecture is the creation of beautiful, well thought out spaces, which bring joy to humans whilst benefitting nature. The harmony of both of these creates spaces which would not occur otherwise.

What most excites you about being a landscape architect?

It excites me to think that I can work as part of a large team and together we can transform a space which was once derelict and barely used, and breathe life back into it again, watching people inhabit the space, enabling them to enjoy the outdoors.

What advice would you give to someone thinking about a landscape based career?

If you’re wondering whether to choose Landscape Architecture, all you need to ask yourself is whether you are passionate about design, inspired by nature and keen to make a difference. If you match all of these criteria it sounds like it is the subject for you! The fast paced nature of it makes it an exciting course to study and the constant variation of skills and objectives prevents you from ever being bored.



So what made you choose landscape architecture over another profession such as garden design?


Purely due to the fact it is so much more broad, opening up far more avenues to explore within my career. It is also less saturated  and more up and coming providing more viable job opportunities.

As Pure Landscape is a blog dedicated to a love for plants…if you could only grow one plant, what would it be and why?

Amorphophallus titanum. This plant is such a freak of nature and it is so large and rare. Purely based of the fact it is so weird and hard to grow makes me want to have one within my possession. I like anything that provokes questions and gets people talking. I feel like this plant encompasses everything I look for in design.

Great choice of plant…finally, do you have a favourite landscape’y book?

Landscape Graphics, Grant. W. Reid. This book has helped my graphic skills so much it is simply packed with sketches of almost everything landscape related and I am a firm believer in learning through example.

Thanks so much Phil for and all the best with your studying!

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If you’re inspired to find out more about Landscape Architecture, do check out the brilliant Landscape Institute website www.bealandscapearchitect.com for more information.








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